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Xapo is the largest retail Crypto bank in the world. We offer Crypto and Fiat savings and current accounts, with a suite of traditional and crypto payment networks plus debit cards that provide immediate access to your capital. We are the bridge that connects conventional financial systems to the crypto market.

The drivers for using Xapo Bank vary depending on where you live. For some members, we help them achieve economic equality by protecting their savings and the purchasing power of their money from the impact of regional economic fluctuations.

In highly regulated markets, we offer members the levels of protection and safeguarding that they are accustomed to when entrusting their assets with a bank, such as deposit guarantee schemes and regulatory oversight.

For those who want to protect the purchasing power of their assets through the separation of state and money, we offer BTC savings solutions, with the very highest levels of security (https://www.xapobank.com/security), while still having immediate access to Fiat and Crypto payment rails.

Our customer BTC holdings are fully segregated and are not exposed to any form of trading, lending or leveraged activity. We now have 10 years of experience protecting your BTC, having evolved from a Bitcoin wallet to a custodian, to an e-money institution, and now a fully regulated bank, while developing a reputation along the way of being the Fort Knox of Crypto.

We are also the only crypto firm to be audited by a Big Four firm (KPMG) and have a full banking licence, with PWC providing internal audit services.

As for members who have adopted stablecoins for payments, we offer them peace of mind. Stablecoins received are automatically converted to USD and held in Xapo Bank to protect your assets against de-pegging. Once converted to USD, our members get €100,000 of Capital protection under a Statutory Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

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