About BitcoinTreasuries

BitcoinTreasuries is a collection of information about publicly traded companies and other large entities that hold BTC on their balance sheet.

Where Is the Data Sourced From?

Information about BTC holdings and cost basis is collected from available sources, such as:
  • Press releases
  • Announcements on social media
  • Quarterly and annual reports
  • Official filings with regulators, such as SEC

Stock prices and market cap are sourced from different providers, depending on availability.

Data is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data.

Something missing? Information out of date?

Create an account and start contributing information!

If you know of a company, fund or government entity that holds bitcoin, you can submit information about it.

If an existing entity has out-of-date information, you can submit updates by going to the entity page where you will find a button to add new data.

We will review your submission and approve it if everything checks out.

Why were NAV & AUM (e.g. GBTC) type products also added?

After much reflection, we concluded that everything is good for Bitcoin.

Everything is good for Bitcoin.